Massage in Red Hill, PA

Need some time to yourself? Choose from one of our various massages for total relaxation. No need to feel stressed when you can get a massage at Denise’s Salon & Spa. Call today to book an appointment!

Luxury Massage

Approx. 60 minutes $80

This indulgent experience combines the relaxation of traditional Swedish massage and the targeted therapy of a therapeutic massage to create a state of ultimate relaxation.

Deep Tissue

Approx. 60 minutes $85

Utilizing massage techniques that target the sub layer of muscles in efforts to treat specific areas of discomfort. Especially helpful for tight, tired muscles after strenuous and intense physical exercise or other activities.

Aromatherapy Massage

Approx. 60 minutes $85

A relaxation massage with essential oils and steam towel.

Warm Stone Massage

Approx. 60 minutes $95

A luxurious and relaxing massage combined with deep heat therapy. The perfect treatment to loosen tight muscles, relieve stress, and ease tension.